July 19, 2023

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WASHINGTON – RepresentUs welcomes the reintroduction of the Freedom to Vote Act (H.B.11/S.1), introduced by U.S. Representative John Sarbanes (D-MD) and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). The Freedom to Vote Act (FTVA) eliminates barriers to voting, outlaws gerrymandering, limits the influence of dark money in elections, and makes Election Day a national holiday.

RepresentUs joins the Declaration for American Democracy (DFAD), a coalition of 260 pro-democracy organizations, in urging Congress to immediately pass the FTVA.

RepresentUs CEO Joshua Graham Lynn released the following statement:

“Corrupt politicians are desperately trying to cling to the power that they've hoarded, but our movement has seen conservatives, progressives, and independents working together in states across the country to pass meaningful pro-democracy laws. This bill faces an uphill battle in Congress, but every effort to protect voting rights deserves our full support. Our support of the Freedom to Vote Act directly reflects the work we’re doing city-by-city and state-by-state across the country to strengthen our democracy.”

RepresentUs is also encouraging pro-democracy Americans to send a message directly to their elected officials urging them to pass this important legislation:


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