335 Million Americans suffer from electile dysfunction.

And you are one of them. The Freedom To Vote Act (FTVA) can help. It outlaws gerrymandering, stops dark money in elections, and makes Election Day a holiday. All in one fast-acting bill.


Text "ED" to 35565

to see if the FTVA is right for you.

Our right to vote is fundamental & must be protected.

While the Freedom to Vote Act (FTVA) faces an uphill battle in Washington, this important bill reflects the work RepresentUs is doing in cities and states across the country.

Tell Congress to pass the FTVA because our government must be accountable to “We the people” – not “We the special interests.”

Send a Message to Congress

I’m writing to respectfully ask that you vote to support the Freedom to Vote Act. The right to vote is the most fundamental right of every American.

Yet, our great experiment is at risk, and our democratic republic could die without your action. For our government to function, voters need to trust that lawmakers have their best interests at heart. The Freedom to Vote Act would expand voter access, protect non-partisan election workers, eliminate the influence of dark money in our elections, and ensure fair representation by ending gerrymandering.

The Freedom to Vote Act is the most tangible way that you can protect Americans' right to vote. Americans from around the country and across the political spectrum are joining together to support this legislation. I hope you will join us.


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    Text "ED" to 35565

    to see if the FTVA is right for you.

    * The FTVA is only for republics healthy enough for democratic activity.
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