Presidential candidates across the aisle make significant commitments to democracy reform 

For Immediate Release

Ellen Moorhouse
Deputy Communications Director, RepresentUs
(413) 333-5656

WASHINGTON, DC (February 11, 2020): Three organizations committed to reforming our broken political system—End Citizens United Action Fund, Equal Citizens, and RepresentUs—have come together to release the Reformers Report, a video update on where each 2020 presidential candidate stands on issues of reform. Each organization has published a scorecard that grades presidential candidates on three reform principles: ending political corruption, making elections secure and competitive, and protecting the right to vote for all Americans. 

The organizations are banding together with the “Fix Democracy First” campaign, a call to action to get all presidential candidates from across the aisle to commit to making fundamental reform a priority of their administration. 


What: The release of the “Reformers Report” video on the historic progress of the movement to get all presidential candidates to pledge to #FixDemocracyFirst, and the launch of the RepresentUs candidate scorecard as well as a new spotlight on End Citizens United’s Reform First initiative and Equal Citizens Potus1 scorecard.

Why: Larry Lessig of Equal Citizens organized two marches across New Hampshire to end corruption and he’s been holding “Democracy Town Halls” with presidential candidates to get their reform commitments on the record. Tiffany Muller of End Citizens United Action Fund has done on-camera “Reform First” interviews with presidential candidates to press them to share their plans to prioritize anti-corruption reforms. Renaldo Pearson of RepresentUs organized a 700-mile #Democracy911 walk to break the silence about voter suppression, partisan gerrymandering, the corrupt influence of big money in politics, and vulnerable voting systems. 

Together, all three organizations have pressed all presidential candidates to pledge to #FixDemocracyFirst. As of this date, an unprecedented number of 17 presidential candidates — 8 current — have pledged to prioritize anti-corruption and pro-democracy reform in the first 90 days of their administration, if elected. That includes Republican Bill Weld and all but one of the Democrats that remain on the ballot — Joe Biden.

The platforms that these candidates have endorsed include fundamental reform of practically every broken part of our democracy. 5 Democrats, as well as Republican Bill Weld, have made a commitment to ranked choice voting. All of them have a commitment to ending partisan gerrymandering — most commonly through federal legislation that would require the states to end that practice at least for congressional elections.

77% of voters across the aisle say that corruption is a top issue facing the country. But despite the fact that the democracy reform movement won more anti-corruption reforms in states across the country than ever before in U.S. history (in “red” and “blue” states alike), and that over 80% of all voters (including 84% of independents) now want to see these reforms passed at the federal level — there’s only been one question from presidential debate moderators about our corrupt and broken democracy. 

This commitment to “Fix Democracy First” is the largest demonstration of support for reform among candidates for President in the history of America’s democracy. Over 4,500 citizens have signed a petition calling for all candidates to make fundamental reform a priority in their administration. 

RepresentUs is the nation’s leading right-left anti-corruption group, bringing together conservatives, progressives and everyone in between to pass anti-corruption laws in cities and states around the country.

End Citizens United Fund is End Citizens United’s policy and advocacy arm that works with members of Congress and our allies to pass bold and sweeping anti-corruption and government reform legislation.

Equal Citizens is a non-profit, founded by Lawrence Lessig, that is committed to achieving political equality within the United States.