Early this morning, three democracy reform bills failed to meet the 60-vote threshold in the Senate to overcome the filibuster and start debate. Republicans filibustered the full For the People Act for the second time, as well as standalone bills that would have limited partisan gerrymandering and required dark money groups to disclose their donors.

Below is RepresentUs CEO Josh Silver’s response:

"Vital voting and anti-gerrymandering reforms have now been filibustered four times in the last two months. The fact that senators have repeatedly been unable to even debate these democracy-saving bills that have broad bipartisan support among the American people shows our system is broken. 

Gerrymandering is opposed by 88 percent of Trump voters and 92 percent of Biden voters. A functioning democracy would ban it in a heartbeat.”

“At this point, we can either keep the filibuster in its current form or save our democracy from the most significant attacks on it in our lifetimes. It is simply not possible to do both. Today’s votes demonstrate that without a shadow of a doubt."