Our elections should be free, fair, and secure.

But each decade, when it’s time to draw new districts, politicians get away with gerrymandering: working behind closed doors to draw districts that make it easier for them and their party to be reelected. It’s a conflict of interest and it undermines the integrity of our elections.

Wisconsin has a long history of gerrymandering. Last cycle, legislators drew maps that were so egregious that they were struck down by a federal court for violating the Voting Rights Act.

Whether it’s dividing communities of color to diminish the influence of their votes, or stacking the deck to ensure incumbents never have to run a tough reelection campaign again, gerrymandering is unethical and un-American. Our voices matter, but we need our politicians to act now to ensure our votes do too. 

The Wisconsin Legislature spearheads the redistricting process and will vote on new maps by the end of the year. But they still haven’t scheduled a single community meeting to gather input from the public. Send a message to the Wisconsin Legislature demanding they draw fair maps and join the campaign to fight gerrymandering today.