RepresentUs was founded holding deep American ideals: That all people are created equal and that we the people govern ourselves in the interest of every one of us.

There are times when saying nothing is to be complicit. We welcome diverse views from across the political spectrum, but we have zero tolerance for racism or bigotry. Discriminatory treatment of minorities, including the Black community, has plagued America for far too long and we're witnessing a disturbing shift in the direction of race relations in our country. RepresentUs condemns the mistreatment and misrepresentation of minority communities and we denounce government actions to suppress Americans’ first amendment right to assemble peacefully.

Now is the time for Americans to engage in dialogue and actions that eradicate racist policies that have stood for far too long. A country that remains unequal and unjust based on the color of one’s skin is not a country that works for all. We are doubly committed to fixing the root cause of political dysfunction and corruption in order to create a government that works for all Americans. We believe that the remedies we are pursuing will have a direct and positive impact on this gross inequality:

  • Elections that represent the voice of the people. We do this by making voting accessible and safe to all Americans and fixing our broken election systems so that people from all backgrounds can participate in our democracy.
  • An end to gerrymandering, which allows politicians to choose their voters instead of the other way around. When we establish fair redistricting, we make our elected officials accountable to the voters.
  • Strong anti-corruption laws that end secret money and lobbyist influence over elected officials.

You can find more information about our policy platform here.

Belief in the good of our country is about much more than waving the American flag or singing our national anthem. It’s about working every day to build a just, accountable, and representative government for all Americans. It’s about ensuring your voice is heard with your vote. By working together, we can make America live up to its highest ideals. If you haven't already, be sure to request a mail-in or absentee ballot here.

RepresentUs is America’s leading anti-corruption organization working city-by-city, state-by-state to fix our broken political system.