Think it's impossible to fix politics? One state just did it.

Voters just passed America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act. See if you can watch this without cheering.

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We just broke big money's grip on power.

Our political system is broken. For decades, special interests have been tightening their grip on our government, making lawmakers accountable to big money, not the American people. Many people have come to believe that our government can't be fixed.

Represent.Us members proved we can.

They came together and passed America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act in South Dakota. It's the most far-reaching proposal ever brought to the voters to fix our system. The newly passed Act outlaws political bribery, ends secret money, increases enforcement of ethics laws, and gives voters a stronger voice in their government.

It's a historic victory for South Dakotans and for the anti-corruption movement, and it was just one of 12 state and local anti-corruption victories on election night!

We just proved that we can take our political system back from special interests. If we can do it in South Dakota, we can do it across the country.

The only thing holding us back is the number of people in this movement.