Sign this petition to email Governor Daugaard and demand that he veto H.B. 1069 and stand with voters who passed America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act.

Voters passed the Anti-Corruption Act in November - and now politicians in South Dakota have declared a fake "state of emergency" to repeal it. The governor is only person left with the power to defend the Anti-Corruption Act. 

The repeal bill, H.B. 1069 overturns the results of the election – and the fake "emergency" means voters are locked out of the process. If the governor signs, it would take effect immediately, and would:

  • Stop the creation of an independent ethics commission
  • Block limits on lobbyist gifts to politicians
  • Roll back tougher penalties for bribery

The Anti-Corruption Act was passed by voters in South Dakota on November 8th. South Dakota is ranked the 4th most corrupt state in the country.

Repealing the Anti-Corruption Act isn't just an attack on the voters of South Dakota – it's an attack on the anti-corruption movement across the country. Defying the voters and ignoring election results is not normal. We cannot allow it to happen without massive public outcry - if we do, lawmakers across the country will think they can get away with this whenever they dislike something the voters pass. 

Governor Daugaard can veto H.B. 1069 and make sure the South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act remains the law. Please add your name to help defend America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act. If we can gather enough support across the country, we'll show the Governor that the people are behind this law, even if self-serving politicians are not.