Film from anti-corruption group to kick off year of sustained activism to fix a broken system


Video credits: Film courtesy of RepresentUs. Director: MJ Delaney. Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, board member, RepresentUs, and Josh Silver, co-founder and director, RepresentUs. Written by: Josh Silver, Joshua Graham Lynn, Jennifer Lawrence.


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FLORENCE, Mass. (Feb. 27, 2019) - Today, the nation’s leading right-left anti-corruption group, RepresentUs, tackles the systemic corruption plaguing American politics with the release of the short film “Unbreaking America” starring Jennifer Lawrence and RepresentUs co-founder and director Josh Silver. The film, a master class in the anti-corruption movement, breaks down the ways in which the political system is no longer working for the average American and exactly how we can fix this massive political breakdown.

The film features Lawrence, a RepresentUs board member, and Silver presenting the problem: that practices of corruption have taken political power away from Americans, placing influence in the hands of special interest groups and the economic elite. The film then showcases the ways in which Americans can pass laws at the state and local levels to end political bribery, fix broken elections, end secret money, and restore their influence in government.

“This is the most important video you’ll see in 2019,” says Silver. “Tribal mentality is not working and Americans are still suffering. We need to put aside our differences, stop pitting the right against the left, and put country over party to fix the system.”

Building off of a historic year for the anti-corruption movement that saw an unprecedented waves of reforms were passed on the state and local levels during the 2018 midterms, RepresentUs is launching the film as the starting point for a year-long, nationwide campaign that ignites a movement to end political corruption in America.

Over the next year, RepresentUs will continue the Unbreaking America campaign to engage 11 million people, just 3.5 percent of the U.S. population—marking the beginning of a new era of sustained activism designed to end corruption in America. RepresentUs will host viewings and discussions in six major cities across the country (New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver, Atlanta) and host discussion throughout the summer on anti-corruption and breaking the ties between Big Money and politics.

The organization will also work with schools to show the short film in classrooms to engage young Americans on how they can fight for and protect their political power and influence. RepresentUs will also look to The Common Wealth, its community of active members and citizens already working in the anti-corruption space, to share the film and continue to educate others on anti-corruption via TED-style talks, community events and screenings, and other creative mediums.

“This is the tipping point for the anti-corruption movement in America,” Silver says. “Congress is broken. They won’t fix the system that put them in power. However, we can all work together to root out the causes of our politics’ deep dysfunction. Now is the time for Americans from the right and left to unite and help unbreak our democracy.”

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RepresentUs is the nation’s leading right-left anti-corruption group, bringing together conservatives, progressives and everyone in between to pass anti-corruption laws in cities and states around the country.