Every issue we care about is caught in the grip of corruption, and too often our political leaders fail to address the problems we face and the things we care about. Companies like Ticketmaster lobby the government to fix rules that create an uneven playing field, and in many cases, lobbyists literally write the laws that Congress passes. Since 2019, Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation boosted their lobbying budget by nearly 400%.

As Ticketmaster increased its lobbying, the behemoth has expanded its influence far beyond ticketing, and for many venues, artists, and fans, doing business with Ticketmaster is unavoidable. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has fined Live Nation/Ticketmaster for breaking antitrust agreements, and all of this has led many to claim that Ticketmaster’s dominance at every level of the live music industry constitutes an unfair monopoly. This is what happens when our political system is designed to prioritize the will of corporations, special interests, and the wealthy few. And when powerful groups and individuals gain special access, it’s everyday Americans who pay the price.

Send a letter to your representatives, and demand Congress crack down on the legalized corruption that gives companies like Ticketmaster preferential treatment.

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