This Wednesday, President Joe Biden will appear at the Capitol for his first speech before Congress. The President has a golden opportunity to throw his support publicly behind the For the People Act and push lawmakers to make fixing our broken political system a top priority.  

President Biden has a laundry list of priorities for his first term in office. But until we fix our broken political system and force politicians to actually listen to the American people, we won’t be able to make any progress on other issues you care about. 

Passing the For the People Act isn’t the most important issue, it’s the first issue: The bill will ensure that lawmakers from both parties are beholden to their constituents rather than the billionaire interests currently benefiting from our broken system.

President Biden’s address isn’t just another speech: It’s a clear and powerful symbol of his priorities for the next year — and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are eagerly awaiting to see where he stands. So send a message to President Joe Biden right now asking him to mention the For the People Act when he gives his speech on Wednesday.

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