Sign this petition to Maine politicians to show them that ignoring the will of the people is unacceptable in America.

Last November, Maine voters from across the political spectrum voted “Yes” on Question 5 to adopt Ranked Choice Voting.

When the people speak, our government should listen. But instead politicians are working to overturn the will of the people by repealing Ranked Choice Voting.

This is an attack on the will of the people. We need to step up and show that no matter where you live in America, politicians brazenly ignoring voters is completely unacceptable.

Sign this petition to send the following message to politicians in Maine: 

I am writing to urge you to respect the will of the people and vote NO on LD 1625 report B, a full repeal of Ranked Choice Voting in Maine. When the people vote to make something a law, our government should listen. It is never acceptable to overturn the will of the people.

This is a dangerous precedent to set and as a public servant it's your job to uphold the laws the voters pass at the ballot.

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