126 U.S. Representatives just signed on to a lawsuit out of Texas that seeks to throw out millions of votes and overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Add your name now to send an immediate message to your Representative demanding they issue a public statement rejecting this anti-democratic effort.

Texas and these 126 representatives are asking the Supreme Court for an emergency order to invalidate the ballots of millions of voters in four battleground states – Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – even though there is no evidence of widespread fraud. 

This outrageous attack on our democracy cannot be ignored, and it’s critical that every politician come out against it in the strongest possible terms.

We’ve already seen courage from the Republican Attorney General of Idaho and the Democratic Attorney General of Pennsylvania, both of whom have issued scathing statements against this blatant effort to undermine our democracy. Now, we need to see the same courage from our Representatives. Send a message now by adding your name on this page.

Our politicians are elected to represent the voters. Add your name now to remind them of their duty and urge them to put country over party.


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