Sign this petition to email the South Dakota House of Representatives and demand that they vote NO on the shady bill that would increase special interest spending.

If passed, SB 54 would:

  • Let corporations and labor unions give money directly to South Dakota politicians, a practice that's illegal at the federal level and in most other states.
  • Double the amount of money political parties can take from special interest Political Action Committees (PACs)
  • Significantly raise the amount of money South Dakota politicians can take from wealthy donors

SB 54 has already passed the Senate and is on its way to the House. Sign this petition now to send an immediate email to your representatives asking them to vote "no."

SB 54's backers barred public testimony and are openly lying about what's in the bill.

SB 54 was initially introduced as a "replacement" bill for IM-22, the statewide Anti-Corruption Act repealed under a "state of emergency" by lawmakers just months after it was passed into law by South Dakota voters.

SB 54 has been heavily amended since its introduction, changing it from a bill designed to replace an Anti-Corruption Act which never should have been repealed in the first place to a bill that does the exact opposite.

Despite this change, South Dakota legislators have offered zero opportunity for public comment on the heavily-amended bill, insisting that hearings held before the amendments were added "provided adequate testimony."

South Dakota politicians only introduced this "replacement" law because the people of South Dakota were outraged when they repealed the Anti-Corruption Act. We need to show them that the public isn't fooled by SB 54. Sign now to ask them to vote NO on this corrupt law. 

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