Sign this petition to email the politicians attacking America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act and demand they stop ignoring the will of the voters.

Politicians are declaring a fake "state of emergency" so they can ram through a plot backed by the Koch Brothers to gut America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act in South Dakota.

The repeal bill would overturn the results of the election – and the fake “emergency” means voters are locked out of the process. It would take effect immediately, and would:

  • Stop the creation of an independent ethics commission
  • Block limits on lobbyist gifts to politicians
  • Roll back tougher penalties for bribery

The Anti-Corruption Act was passed by voters in South Dakota on November 8th. South Dakota is ranked the 4th most corrupt state in the country.

Repealing the Anti-Corruption Act isn't just an attack on the voters of South Dakota – it's an attack on the anti-corruption movement across the country. If we don't fight back and protect America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act, it could be a major setback for South Dakota and for future Anti-Corruption Acts.

Establishment politicians hope to attack the Anti-Corruption Act quietly when they think no one paying attention. We have to speak up loudly to show these lawmakers we're watching them - and we need to do it now. Please add your name to help defend America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act. If we can gather enough support across the country, we'll show lawmakers in South Dakota that opposing the will of the people won't fly.