Thursday, December 22, 2022

Ross Sherman, RepresentUs Media Relations Manager, 207-749-2660,


WASHINGTON – With an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 68-29, the U.S. Senate officially passed legislation updating the Electoral Count Act (ECA) Thursday. The Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act clarifies the role of the vice president, raises the threshold for objecting to a state’s electoral votes, and prevents states from appointing alternate electors inconsistent with the will of the voters.

The House is expected to pass the updated ECA later today, and President Joe Biden is expected to sign it.

RepresentUs CEO Joshua Graham Lynn issued the following statement:

“Congress’ end-of-year spending bill is stuffed to the brim like Santa's sack. But among the misfit toys, Republicans and Democrats delivered one of the most important gifts of the year: the revised Electoral Count Act. The bill safeguards our elections from future attacks, and makes it clear that we the people decide who our president is. Corrupt politicians will no longer be able to weaponize uncertainty in the law for personal gain and undermine the peaceful transition of power.

“This is what we, as Americans, expect our elected officials to do: work together. To get this done, members of Congress put country over party and cast aside short-term partisan self-interest. They addressed urgent threats to our elections – threats that the January 6 Committee has exposed in chilling detail. While there’s a lot more Congress can do to make government work better, the American people should be proud of this huge bipartisan victory.

“I want to thank Issue One, Campaign Legal Center, Protect Democracy and others who helped get the revised ECA in the end-of-year spending bill and over the finish line. We look forward to this democracy-protecting bill becoming law.”


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