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Hundreds of activists descend on the Supreme Court to protest gerrymandering

October 4, 2017

By: Jen Johnson

The biggest corruption case in years started yesterday at the Supreme Court – and Represent.Us members made sure it was loud.

A line started forming at 10 am the day before oral arguments began, and the crowd only continued to grow.

While the Justices heard the case inside, Represent.Us members rallied on the steps in front of reporters who will spread our movement's message far and wide:

We're done with this broken political system, and we're here to fix it.

The rally was organized by Represent.Us and Common Cause, and we had an amazing group of speakers there. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Republican U.S. Representative David Jolly, Represent.Us Organizer Rachel Brewer, and the plaintiffs and litigators in the case all came to speak.

Represent.Us members came holding signs and chanting, and the country's top media outlets were there to see the power of our movement.

Here are some photos from the event:

Represent.Us members made the opening day of this gerrymandering case a huge moment. More than 26,000 of us signed a letter to the Court supporting the case to end gerrymandering. And the movement pitched in to fund the rally, paying for t-shirts, signs, and equipment to livestream straight from the steps of the Supreme Court.

This gerrymandering case could make our elections competitive again and stop politicians from guaranteeing their re-election. And we just showed people everywhere that there's a whole movement of Americans fighting to fix the system.

You can watch the entire rally on C-SPAN here.