July 10, 2023

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AUGUSTA, Maine - RepresentUs, America’s leading anti-corruption organization, applauds new efforts to expand voting access in Maine through the passing of two bills -  LD 1690 and LD 1344. 

Starting today, July 10, 2023, LD 1690 will expand voting access by creating an ongoing absentee voter list to streamline the process of receiving mail ballots for all elections. This bill will allow every voter the opportunity to sign up for the ongoing absentee mailing list, beginning with the Nov. 2025 election.  

The second bill, LD 1344, passed on June 23, 2023, implements Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) process improvements, including reducing the turnaround time for AVR forms to take effect from 21 to seven days. Additionally, new funding was approved to expand the Secretary of State’s office, allowing for greater capacity to securely and effectively administer elections. Both measures mark a significant step forward in creating a more efficient and effective voting process.

“I’m proud of the work that Mainers for Modern Elections have done to help pass this important legislation. This is a win for democracy and an important step forward in helping to make sure that every voice and vote is heard,” said Sue Fothergill, national deputy mobilization director for RepresentUs. “By breaking down barriers to mail-in voting, LD 1690 will help expand access to the ballot for every voter, especially for those in rural areas or for those who have trouble voting on election day due to accessibility or work constraints.”

RepresentUs partnered with Mainers for Modern Elections which includes partners like the League of Women Voters of Maine, Maine Voices, Maine Conservation Voters, ACLU of Maine, AARP of Maine, Maine AFL-CIO, Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition, and others to make on-going absentee voting a reality in Maine.

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