By Gil Fulbright
America's Most Honest Politician

September 14, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed donors… and everyone else… It’s great to be back for another election cycle.

First and foremost I want to shout out the hardworking staff at RepresentUs. Thanks for once again providing me with a platform to maintain the illusion of concern for your well-being, in my never ending pursuit of – whatever it is my donors want.

Since my last dance on the national stage, we’ve done wonders for the fundraising class – and continued to build on the American Dream: that anyone, anyone! Can be represented… if they can afford it.

But now I will soon find myself in the Lion’s den. And no – not that windowless building by the airport – but at American Democracy Summit in Los Angeles on September 27-29th, surrounded by people who believe a government of the people should work for the people.

Okaaaaay. I don’t see it, but whatever.

I’m writing to you now, as the honest, duly elected representative of wherever my district is – to NOT come to this extraordinary gathering of brilliant minds sharing ideas and strategies to destroy all the hard-bought progress we’ve made over the last 40 years.

BOO to you, and to all those who attend! Boo, I say.

I cordially invite you to NOT attend this perversion of business as usual politics working to expand voter access (gross), hold the corrupt accountable (why?), extract dark money from politics (what did it ever do to you), and force humble public servants like ME to literally serve you (without TIPS).

Look inside yourself. Search your feelings. You may not have a wallet, but you MUST have a heart!?

Do you want a future where we fix America’s broken system, pass laws to overcome the influence of our precious special interests and force the government to meet the needs of the American people?

Or a future where I continue to enjoy buckets of fried chicken on private jets owned by tech mavens who are actually, really really nice and generous people!

You decide, America. But also… maybe, you shouldn’t.

Hope to NOT see you at American Democracy Summit.

Yours in protest,
“Honest” Gil Fulbright

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