Friday, June 17, 2022

Simon Radecki, Protect Pennsylvania Elections Organizing Manager, 612-208-5566,


Since 2020, election workers have been standing up to protect elections despite attacks from radical politicians and their supporters. Using lies about voter fraud, these bad actors have set out to harass and intimidate nonpartisan election administrators into resigning so they can be replaced by ideological extremists. Even though a majority of election workers are willing to defend America’s elections, a recent study showed that one in five election officials are feeling pressure to leave their jobs before 2024.

To fight back against these attacks, volunteers are coming together to launch Protect Pennsylvania Elections. The group will unite Pennsylvanians across the political spectrum to support free and secure elections in the state for the midterms and beyond.

“The vast majority of us – right, center, and left – agree that Pennsylvania voters should decide our elections, not politicians. The attacks on our public servants of democracy are unacceptable, and it’s crucial all of us stand up with them,” said Protect Pennsylvania Elections Organizing Manager Simon Radecki. “At Protect Pennsylvania Elections, we look forward to talking to our neighbors across the state and empowering them to take action for democracy.”

Specifically, Protect Pennsylvania Elections will mobilize pro-democracy Pennsylvanians in support of election workers, educate the public about extremist attacks on the state’s election process, and engage everyday Pennsylvanians in conversations about standing up for democracy.

The threats to election workers in Pennsylvania are part of a well-funded, well-organized effort attempting to destabilize and take over elections in several states. As a swing state that could decide the 2024 presidential election, the Keystone State has come under particular intense focus.

“If extremists are successful in PA this year, they’ll spread their tactics across the country ahead of the presidential election next year,” finished Radecki. “But, if we’re successful in stopping them in PA, we can protect democracy not just here at home, but for all of America.”


Protect Pennsylvania Elections is a volunteer-led effort whose mission is to defeat authoritarian threats and protect free and fair elections by activating Pennsylvanians across political ideologies, building public awareness about Pennsylvania’s election process, and supporting election officials. PPE is a project of RepresentUs.

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