January 7, 2021

Rachel Barnhart, PR Director


Trump incited violent coup attempt; time for 25th Amendment to be used

Massive reforms needed at state and federal levels

January 7, 2021 (Washington, D.C.): RepresentUs joins hundreds of organizations in calling for the immediate removal of Donald Trump from office for leading a violent insurrection against the U.S. government. 

The President is dangerous and unfit for office. Vice-President Pence — together with a majority of Cabinet officials — have the authority to remove the President from office under the 25th Amendment. 

“Four people are dead and our nation’s Capitol was sacked because politicians were willing to sell out the U.S. Constitution in order to score petty political points with their base,” said RepresentUs CEO and Co-Founder Josh Silver. “Yesterday was not a random event. It was the result of months of anti-democratic rhetoric and action.” 

This is not the time for incrementalism or small steps. Immediate, massive overhauls are required at state and federal levels that check presidential power; that reshape our system of elections, ethics, campaign finance, Congressional rules, and that stop lies and disinformation from propagating across digital media.

For years, RepresentUs members have been pushing for the passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act, a reform package that fixes many of these problems. We’ve successfully passed key pieces of the Act in cities and states across the country. In the coming days, RepresentUs will outline an expanded focus on structural reforms at the federal level.

“Now is the time to act quickly to pass transformative reforms to reshape our government and restore faith in our democracy. It happened in the wake of the Watergate scandal, and it can and will happen now, if we work together,” said Silver.


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