The anti-corruption movement is on a roll. In 10 years, we’ve won over 170 victories in towns, cities and states across America to root out corruption, give power to the voters, and make our government better represent us.

But with all that winning, we’re seeing a backlash from politicians and special interests. We have to be ready to defend our hard-fought wins in 2023.

Corrupt politicians and special interests have launched a nationwide coordinated attack against democracy. Their goal: undo our movement's victories and take power away from voters. Their strategy: repeal anti-corruption laws passed at the state level, use the court case Moore v. Harper to make it harder to pass pro-voter reforms, attack the ballot initiative process in cities and states.

Corrupt politicians and the special interests who support them are carrying out an unprecedented nationwide strategy to undo our victories. They’re attacking the ballot initiative process. They’re working in state legislatures to repeal anti-corruption laws our movement helped pass. And this year, they’ve taken that agenda all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in a case called Moore v. Harper.

We have to be ready to fight back against this blatant power grab to defend our victories and preserve our ability to win more in the future. We know that when people come together, we’re more powerful than self-interested politicians. Can we count on you to be there when we need to defend our progress? Take the pledge to help protect our victories in 2023 and beyond.


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