More states and cities should adopt this model

The following is a statement from RepresentUs CEO Josh Silver:

“The first New York City mayoral primary to use Ranked Choice Voting was a resounding success. The largest test of RCV to date in the United States, the voting method increased turnout, led to historic diversity of winners and was overwhelmingly popular among voters. RCV allowed voters to choose their first-choice candidate without worrying about the spoiler-effect. Voters did not have to choose between the lesser of evils, and the results reflected the will of a majority of voters. What’s more, the city was spared an expensive runoff. 

“Ranked choice voting is already a reality in 21 jurisdictions across the country, and 31 more are projected to use RCV in elections during the coming year. RepresentUs will continue to support grassroots efforts across the country to enact RCV in states and municipalities.”