Congress is trying to sneak unpopular secret money riders into the must-pass budget bill. Add your name to this petition to tell your representatives to stop these riders.

Members of Congress have until Friday, March 23rd to pass a $1.3 trillion budget bill – or the government will shut down. Right now, they’re considering dozens of unnecessary add-ons to the bill that are wildly unpopular and would never pass on their own. So Congress is trying to hide them in the 2,232 page budget bill.

Here are four riders that could unleash more dark money into elections while also reducing transparency:

  1. Loosen campaign finance coordination limits, making it easier for mega-donors to get around the current limits on direct donations to candidates.
  2. Block the IRS from creating new standards for dark money groups, allowing groups to abuse outdated rules to influence elections without consequences.
  3. Allow public companies to hide their political spending from shareholders, by halting a new rule from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  4. Permit federal contractors working with the government to make secret donations to candidates and political groups.

Congress knows these riders are unpopular, but they think you're too distracted and won't realize they're slipping these measures through. Add your name now to show them you are paying attention and that you demand pass a clean budget with no riders. Then share this petition! We'll only stop these secret money riders if there's a public uproar.

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