Demand Congress take action against Big Pharma and insurance industries

Add your name now to demand Congress stop accepting money from Big Pharma and the insurance industries—and take action against them.

Over 70% of Americans believe our healthcare system is in crisis. The American people have been demanding Congress take action against high drug prices and healthcare costs, while the pharmaceutical and insurance industries are spending big to influence policy. In 2018, the insurance and pharmaceutical industries gave $74 million to Democrats and Republicans.

Meanwhile, 1 in 4 Americans report difficulty affording their prescription medications.

We can't trust our elected officials to make choices for us while they're under pressure from powerful monied interests. It's time for Congress to stop accepting money from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and send the message that their number one concern is the American people.

Add your name to send a message to your legislators asking them to follow suit and stop accepting Big Pharma and insurance industry money.

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