Misinformation about election fraud is rampant on social media, especially on Twitter. These baseless stories are sowing doubts in the validity of our election and undermining our democracy.

You can fight back by joining the Mythbusting Squad right now. Our goals are simple: Find where these rumors are being shared and debunk their misleading posts with facts and eye-catching graphics that set the record straight.

How do I get started?

  1. Familiarize yourself with our mythbusting toolkit to see the most common pieces of misinformation and how we’re addressing them.
  2. Learn how to use Tweetdeck, our Twitter search with our interactive guide.
  3. Use Tweetdeck and our mythbusting toolkit to identify misinformation on Twitter and counter it with debunking graphics and/or talking points.
  4. If you discover a myth that has not yet been busted, want to connect with other mythbusters, or have any questions, join us in the #mythbusting channel in our Volunteer Slack.