Add your name now to send an immediate message to the leaders of the dark money group trying to silence voters and block an anti-gerrymandering initiative from going to the November ballot.

Michigan is the next state that could end gerrymandering – but a dark money group and a foreign corporation are backing a lawsuit to stop the people from getting the chance to vote on the initiative.

Financial firm Deloitte is a member of the dark money group backing the suit—and their Managing Partner, Mark Davidoff, is Chair of its Board of Directors. 

RepresentUs members worked for months with thousands of volunteers to put an anti-gerrymandering initiative on the ballot, and the people of Michigan have a right to vote on it. We won't let special interests silence the people, so we're launching a campaign to get Mark Davidoff and his cronies to drop this baseless lawsuit and let the people vote.

These special interest elites aren't used to being in the spotlight; they're used to skulking around making backroom deals. We need to show them that the country is watching – starting with the moment they log on.

If people all across the country flood their inboxes demanding they drop the case, we can stop this attack on the voters.

Add your name now to send an immediate email to Mark Davidoff and this dark money group demanding that they drop the suit and let the people vote on ending gerrymandering.

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