By Nate Plautz
RepresentUs Communications Consultant

August 22, 2023

Note: RepresentUs isn’t a shady SuperPac, so we aren’t leaking our debate strategy on a dark corner of the web. We’re a nonpartisan grassroots organization advocating for democracy and against corruption.

Dear candidates,

Instead of attacking other candidates - or strategically avoiding attacking other candidates - why not talk about America’s corruption problem? And keep in mind, our corruption problem is so much more than the contents of a political adversary’s laptop.

Candidate Talking Points: 5 Strategies to Stand Out

1. Talk about the scourge of Congressional insider trading. Talk about how members of Congress can legally fundraise during working hours. Talk about the campaign finance laws that make the Wild West look well-regulated in comparison. [Author’s disclaimer: I received a $20 gift card for donating $1 to one of these candidates.]

2. Talk about how the entire political system is designed to benefit special interest groups at the expense of everyday Americans. Learn more: Cracking Down on Corruption.

3. Talk about the maps that are drawn by politicians, for politicians, and against the interests of voters. Learn More: Ending Gerrymandering.

4. Talk about the two-party duopoly and how elections have become a contest of who we dislike the least. Learn More: Ranked Choice Voting.

5. Talk about institutional corruption that forces the average American to waste thousands of dollars every year in the world’s most inefficient healthcare system. Learn More: America’s Broken Healthcare.


We’re a small grassroots organization, so we don’t have the resources to offer candidates hundreds of pages of advice, polling, research, personality assessment, and canned lines. But we can tell you that most of us Americans still believe in the dream of democracy - even if our faith in American democracy has been tested by rampant corruption and a broken system.

So if you really want to stand out, start by standing up against corruption and for democracy.

Are you ready to stand up for democracy? Join the movement today.


RepresentUs is America’s leading anti-corruption organization working city-by-city, state-by-state to fix our broken political system.