Monday, January 9, 2023

Ross Sherman, RepresentUs Media Relations Manager, 207-749-2660,


WASHINGTON – The start of the 2023 Congress has been a circus. For the first time in a century, the House failed to elect a Speaker on the first vote. Following the 15-vote debacle, one of the new House majority’s first moves was to adopt new rules that gut the Office of Congressional Ethics – one of the only safeguards against corruption in Congress.

The move comes at a time when more than two-thirds of Americans agree that “most politicians are corrupt” and nearly 70% believe the government “mainly works to benefit powerful elites” rather than “ordinary people".

RepresentUs CEO Joshua Graham Lynn released the following statement in response:

“What possible explanation could the new majority have for dismantling the Office of Congressional Ethics? Is there a massive pro-corruption movement I’m not familiar with? It’s almost like our elected officials are trying to tank Americans’ faith in government.

“Tackling corruption should be a no-brainer. Nearly every American agrees that it’s a top issue. The only place in the country where people don’t seem to agree is the halls of Congress. Confidence in government and institutions remains shockingly low because our elected officials consistently fail to deliver on something everyone wants.

“Enough is enough. Members of both parties must strongly oppose opening the floodgates to corruption. Cracking down on real and perceived corruption is the only way we can start building trust and convincing Americans that the government works for them, not special interests or political parties.”


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