Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Ross Sherman, RepresentUs PR Strategist, 207-749-2660,


Hawaii will soon become the next state to use Ranked Choice Voting, continuing a nationwide trend. The new law, which Gov. David Ige signed Saturday, implements RCV for special federal and county council elections, and could open the door for it to be used in more elections.

The victory in Hawaii comes after significant pro-democracy wins in Rhode Island last week, and in Missouri, North Dakota and Vermont last month. RepresentUs supported organizations on the ground in Hawaii, and has now racked up 161 state and local victories since its founding in 2012. 

“This new law gives Hawaiians their first-ever opportunity to test Ranked Choice Voting statewide. And if previous experience is any indication, they’ll see how it gives them more choices and a greater voice at the ballot box. Credit goes to leaders in Hawaii, including Common Cause Hawaii’s Sandy Ma, for getting this over the finish line,” said RepresentUs CEO Joshua Graham Lynn. “The pathway to saving democracy runs through our towns, cities and states. It’s inspiring to see patriotic Americans unite across party lines and continue to rack up pro-democracy victories.”

RepresentUs partnered with groups including Common Cause Hawaii to pass the law, which institutes Ranked Choice Voting for special federal elections and vacant county council seats. This win represents Hawaii’s first adoption of RCV for statewide elections. Now being used in more than 50 cities, counties, and states, RCV provides voters more choices, eliminates the need to choose between the lesser of two evils, and ensures winning candidates have majority support.

“Special elections and vacant seats frequently see a large field of candidates. RCV is a commonsense solution that saves money and puts power back into voters’ hands,” said RepresentUs Interim Director of Political Campaigns Megan Caska. “We’re excited for Hawaii voters to experience this new system.”

RepresentUs addresses the root causes of America’s broken political system by passing reforms in cities and states to build momentum for reforms to sweep the nation. This year, RepresentUs is focused on passing popular, common sense reforms – including ranked choice voting, anti-gerrymandering, and campaign finance laws.


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