RepresentUs is calling on Congress to quickly pass the Freedom to Vote Act to stop gerrymandering in places like New York, where Democrats plan to draw unfair maps to their own advantage. Numerous media outlets, most recently the New York Times, report that the state legislature plans to disregard the work of the voter-sanctioned New York Independent Redistricting Commission to maximize Democratic power.

Under pressure from Washington. D.C. politicians, the New York State Legislature could draw the federal map to drastically reduce the number of seats held by Republicans, while shoring up Democratic incumbents in swing districts.

This kind of partisan gerrymandering, where politicians choose their own voters and disregard the will of citizens, would be outlawed under the Freedom to Vote Act, which was introduced this week. The bill would ban partisan gerrymandering at the congressional level and paves the way for judges to strike down unfair maps.

As states proceed with redistricting - the New York Independent Redistricting Commission is expected to release its proposed maps today - it’s imperative we stop gerrymandering in its tracks. The Freedom to Vote Act gets the job done.

“We don’t have to accept gerrymandering. Call members of Congress today and tell them you want them to support the Freedom to Vote Act and get it over the finish line. This is our last chance to stop bad maps that will be in place for the next 10 years,” said RepresentUs CEO Josh Silver.

A RepresentUs poll found that 88 percent of Trump voters and 92 percent of Biden voters oppose gerrymandering. More than 90 percent of voters want fair voting maps that do not benefit their political party.