Tell the Federal Election Commission: Stop Secret Spending in Online Ads!

A massive loophole is allowing special interests to hide their identities while influencing voters online – and we have a chance to fix it.

The Federal Election Commission is about to decide whether to force political advertisers to reveal the source of their funding. The agency has asked for the public to weigh in before they make a decision. That means dozens of special interest groups will be trying to convince the FEC to leave their political spending shrouded in secrecy.

But special interests will only get their way if we remain quiet. If thousands of us speak out demanding stronger transparency laws, we can drown out the industry groups and show the FEC that there's huge public interest in transparency and protecting our elections.

Add your name before the comment period ends on November 9th to submit a comment to the FEC. Make sure you write something in the comment box so your message is counted as a unique message to the FEC.


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