Below are nine reforms that President Trump himself can make into law right now through an Executive Order. All Trump has to do is formalize and sign it.

Sign the petition asking him to issue the American Anti-Corruption Executive Order.

The American Anti-Corruption Executive Order

  1. Ban executive agency appointees from engaging in any activity on behalf of a foreign-owned corporation or business

    , and ban appointees from organizing or attending political fundraisers hosted by foreign nationals, foreign-owned corporations and businesses, foreign political parties, and foreign governments.

  2. Institute a five-year ban on former executive agency appointees lobbying any federal agency

    – not just the one they used to work for – so corporations that lobby multiple agencies can't purchase government access and contacts gained at one agency for use with another.

  3. Require that all executive agency appointees not have registered as a lobbyist

    during the year preceding their appointment.

  4. Require executive agency appointees to publicly disclose

    any job negotiations with, and job offers from, employers outside the federal government as a condition of appointment.

  5. Require all government contractors to publicly report

    their political spending.

  6. Protect the public from conflicts-of-interest

    by instituting a lifetime ban on appointees participating in any matter related to their previous employment. Require that any appointee with a direct and substantially related interest in a pending agency rule or contract due to previous employment disclose their interest and not work on the matter.

  7. Ask appointees to refrain from attending political fundraisers during their service

    , and forbid all appointees from accepting food or drinks at political fundraisers.

  8. Prohibit appointees from accepting gifts

    – including airfare and attendance costs – that amount to more than $50 per year from anyone not related to the appointee by blood or by marriage, except in certain settings, such as weddings or religious functions, or as otherwise allowed by law.

  9. Require that appointees agree not to accept

    any non-de minimis food, drink, or entertainment from foreign corporations or businesses, whether in the U.S. or while abroad as a condition of appointment.
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