Add your name now to tell President Trump you want him to sign the American Anti-Corruption Executive Order.

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President Trump campaigned on a promise to Drain the Swamp – but Washington is still mired in corruption scandals.

We decided to make it easy for him to get started.

We've written an Executive Order that President Trump could sign to take immediate action to Drain the Swamp. If enough people sign on, we can build the pressure to get him to sign it.

This model Executive Order was crafted by senior counsel at RepresentUs. It includes nine of the most popular reforms that mirror the American Anti-Corruption Act, and that Trump could actually put in an Executive Order.

It would: 

  • Stop political appointees from being wined and dined at political fundraisers.
  • Require federal contractors to publicly report their political spending.
  • Ban appointees from organizing or attending political fundraisers hosted by foreign governments.

All Trump has to do is formalize and sign it.

Add your name now to ask President Trump to sign the American Anti-Corruption Executive Order. 

RepresentUs is America’s leading anti-corruption organization working city-by-city, state-by-state to fix our broken political system.