Take it from a North Korean dictator: Democracy lives or dies with you.

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President Trump is now openly demanding State Election Officials “throw away ballots” so he can keep his seat. This isn't hyperbole, it’s real.

Lawmakers in swing states report that his campaign is laying the groundwork to have the election decided by the House or Supreme Court instead of the vote count.1 By definition, this is a sophisticated and calculated attempt to subvert democracy and perform a coup d’etat.

We created this “deepfake” ad to show just how dangerous the attacks on American democracy are. The video was faked, but the message is real: If our election fails, our democracy will fail.

Learn about the dangers of deepfakes here.

Millions of Americans will vote by mail this November, and President Trump is using false statements about the legitimacy of mail-in ballots to claim with zero evidence that they are fraudulent.

State election officials have a duty to ensure all the votes are counted before certifying the election results. Now, we need to hold them to that. Add your name here to send an immediate email to your state election official urging them to count every vote before declaring a winner.


What if Trump Refuses to Concede?

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