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Politicians said they respect the will of the people. They told us they'd replace IM-22, the South Dakota Anti-Corruption Act. They even told us to hold them accountable if they failed.

Well, they failed. Now it's our turn.

We're going to amend South Dakota's constitution with a Voter Protection and Anti-Corruption Amendment in 2018.

The Amendment would:

  • Make politicians respect our vote, for good. Politicians won't be able to overturn any laws passed by the voters without going back to the voters for their approval.
  • Ban lobbyist gifts to politicians. This law would close loopholes for food, drink, and alcohol that allow lobbyists to wine and dine politicians.
  • Create an independent citizen ethics commission. After repealing IM-22’s ethics commission, the legislature created a weak replacement state agency, and then exempted themselves from its oversight. The new Amendment replaces it with an independent citizen ethics commission that has oversight over all three branches of government.
  • Lower campaign contribution limits, and ban union and corporate contributions. South Dakota had a longtime ban on contributions from labor unions and corporations to candidates that politicians schemed to get rid of.
  • Ban foreign money in our elections.

We can pass this Amendment, but first we need to get the support of people in South Dakota. Sign this petition to co-sponsor the Amendment and spread the word now to help build the movement to pass it.

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