Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Ross Sherman, RepresentUs Media Relations Manager, 207-749-2660,


HARTFORD, Conn. – Connecticut could be the next state to pass Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and give voters better choices and a more responsive government. In an all-day hearing Monday, lawmakers on the Government, Administration and Elections Committee heard testimony in support of Connecticut’s bipartisan Ranked Choice Voting bill (SB 389). If SB 389 passes, Connecticut voters would use RCV in federal elections, and could use RCV for presidential primaries and in city elections. In the coming weeks, the Committee will decide whether or not to pass SB 389 on to the full General Assembly.

CT Voters First is leading the effort to pass SB 389. The democracy reform organization submitted testimony on behalf of a broad coalition of prominent individuals and organizations. Among other topics, lawmakers heard from experts about why RCV is a bipartisan reform, how it improves representation of underrepresented communities, and how to administer RCV elections.

RepresentUs CEO Joshua Graham Lynn issued the following statement in support of SB 389:

“Connecticut lawmakers have a historic opportunity to give voters what they deserve: politicians who actually represent them, not special interests. Ranked Choice Voting is a simple yet transformative change to our elections that does just that. 

“We rank things constantly in our everyday lives – why not rank the people making consequential decisions about our futures? With RCV, Connecticut voters would have the freedom to vote their values rather than being afraid of wasting their vote. They can look forward to politicians who are more interested in solving problems than creating them. Ultimately, they can look forward to a functional democracy that we can all be proud of. 

“Major kudos to CT Voters First and other advocates in Connecticut for spearheading this effort, and to State Sens. Catherine Osten (D) and Tony Hwang (R) for putting country over party by introducing this bill. Finally, I want to thank the Government, Administration and Elections Committee for holding this important hearing. We at RepresentUs strongly urge you to approve SB 389 to send it to the full General Assembly for a final vote.”


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