Are you working on a nonpartisan election reform campaign?

RepresentUs and the Unite America Fund are proud to announce the second Campaign Accelerator Awards — grants of at least $10,000 along with in-kind strategic consulting to support the nation’s most promising nonpartisan electoral reform campaigns.

What it is: A grant competition to supercharge the nation’s 20 most promising electoral reform campaigns.

Who you are: Recent winning campaigns in Alaska and Virginia are models of the type of campaigns the awards are intended to help seed. We’re looking for grantees that demonstrate potential to become a viable campaign by the end of 2021 to pass laws through ballot measures or legislative campaigns between 2022 and 2024.

We are not looking to fund well-established national, state and local groups that have a significant existing funding base. The ideal candidates for the Awards are a cross-partisan mix of volunteers who have identified a prospective team who they would hire as initial paid staff / vendors with a viable vision of what the path to victory looks like to win passage of a statewide law via ballot measure or legislation to adopt Ranked Choice Voting, Open Primaries, Vote by Mail or Anti-Gerrymandering by 2024.

How to apply: Fill out the brief application form at this link.

apply here

What you could get: At least $10,000 in seed money, along with in-kind strategic political and policy guidance and select asset and service development. Promising applications will be invited to submit more detailed information about their campaign.

Application Process:

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Fill out the form above to state your interest.


RepresentUs and the Unite America Fund will review all applications, then invite the most promising prospective grantees to submit a 2-page backgrounder. The 2 page backgrounder will need to include:

  • Individual and / or organization bios / background / history
  • Project goal
  • Project proposed timeline
  • Project history (action, investment, media coverage, etc.)
  • Project’s current case for investment (if exists)
  • Project’s current campaign plan (if exists)
  • Project’s current budget (if exists)
  • Project’s decision making / governance structure
  • Project’s point of contact(s) for compliance and treasurer (or who will likely serve in those roles if not yet appointed)
  • Bank wiring information instructions or other instructions for making a financial contribution to the project

In late April 2021 and early May 2021, RepresentUs will invite the first group of applicants to participate in interviews by phone or video conference. Award winners will be notified by mid-May 2021, and future recipients will be notified and announced on a rolling basis.

Questions? Email us at Check out last year’s winners here.

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