Monday, June 12, 2023

Casey Shea, Director of Marketing, 

Bipartisan Bill to Protect Maine Elections from Foreign Influence Moves Forward After State Supreme Court Review

Recent polling on this bill to prohibit foreign contributions in Maine election finds near-universal approval from Maine voters

WASHINGTON – Late last week the Maine Supreme Court issued a solemn occasion ruling stating that a bill (LD 1610) to prohibit foreign campaign contributions in Maine elections can proceed in special session through the state legislature.

Recent polling finds that 82% of Maine voters support a resolution to protect elections from foreign campaign influence, while only 8% are opposed to the measure. Support for the proposed amendment receives near-universal support across both state congressional districts and among voters regardless of age, education and income level, or party affiliation.

Following the State Supreme Court ruling, Protect Maine Elections Campaign Manager Kaitlin LaCasse noted that the legislature must now “Decide whether they stand with us, the Maine voters… or if they stand with the foreign governments that are disrupting our democracy.”

RepresentUs National Deputy Mobilization Director Sue Fothergill released the following statement in response:

“The polling is a clear indication that Maine supports this pro-democracy reform. If you believe in representative and democratic government, then this bill is truly a promising step forward. We don’t let foreign governments and corporations vote in Maine elections, so it stands to reason we shouldn’t let foreign entities buy Maine elections either.”


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