April 1, 2021(Washington, DC): Golden Peabody and Emmy-winning Comedian and Actor Amy Schumer is coming out in support of the For the People Act, and so is her toddler son. The mother-son duo show their enthusiasm for the landmark voting rights bill that helps every American--babies and adults alike--in a new PSA from fiercely non-partisan anti-corruption organization RepresentUs. The video launches today as Congress prepares for a battle over the landmark legislation, with over 250 laws that restrict voting rights having already been introduced this year in almost all 50 states. 

You can watch the PSA here. 

The For the People Act is so important that Schumer bribes viewers to watch the whole video, promising to show them her ‘little baby’, at the end. She tells viewers that the For the People Act will mandate that ‘politicians don’t steal our goddamn elections’ and ‘is awesome unless you hate democracy.” She also implores them to help her make sure it passes Congress--by rallying enthusiasm for the bill and encouraging their friends to do the same.

Schumer then introduces a more unexpected supporter of the bill, her toddler, who makes the bold political statement 'Opa fi cow brie tea thing really, how' before responding 'Yeah!' when asked if he likes the For the People Act. Schumer previously starred in RepresentUs’ viral video Naked Ballots, released during the 2020 election season. 

“With all of the efforts we are seeing from politicians trying to steal our votes--hello Georgia--there is nothing more important right now than the For the People Act, “ says Amy Schumer. “This bill will save our elections. It is also how we finally stick it to political corruption so that billionaires will be stopped from buying elections and so that Congress pays attention to the issues that matter in this country. I support it, my baby supports it, and we both need you to support it too. Are you really going to disappoint a baby?”

The For the People Act is the most impactful anti-corruption act in over 47 years--since Watergate. It is a sweeping upgrade of voting rights, ethics, presidential powers, and election security, even mandating that all voting machines are USA-made. It also restores political power to the people, which is critical to tackling political corruption and addressing the most important issues that this nation faces. Everything that Americans care about is determined by its passage, from free speech to climate change. 

“If we don’t pass the For the People Act, Congress and state houses will be hopelessly gerrymandered this year. Voter purges and onerous voting requirements will further prevent participation by marginalized Americans and our elections will remain vulnerable to foreign threats. This is the biggest opportunity to reform our elections in nearly fifty years,” said RepresentUs Co-Founder and CEO Josh Silver.

The For the People Act is not a partisan issue. The bill is widely popular among the American people, with 67% approval and majority support from voters across the political spectrum, including 59% percent of Republicans. It passed the House on March 3rd and had its first-ever hearings in the Senate on March 23rd. However, it faces opposition from special interests and establishment politicians. The National Republican Senatorial Committee just launched a seven-figure campaign to oppose the act. 

RepresentUs, which has paved the way for the For the People Act since 2012, securing over 120 groundbreaking democracy reforms, is unifying conservatives, moderates, and progressives to ensure its passage. It has created an online resource hub to help volunteers. It is also launching a multi-million dollar campaign to counter misinformation around the act and efforts to block its passage, such as the one launched by Ken Cuccinelli


RepresentUs is the nation’s largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign, bringing together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to pass anti-corruption laws in cities and states to stop political bribery, end secret money, and fix our broken elections.

For more information on RepresentUs and the strategy to unrig the system, visit represent.us.