In the spring of 2020, RepresentUs launched VoteSafe, a  bipartisan coalition of elections administrators and organizations across America advocating for two principles:

  1. All states and US territories should ensure voters have accessible, secure mail-in ballots and safe, in-person voting sites.
  2. Public officials shall use all tools within their authority to ensure that every ballot is verified and every vote is counted. The American people must be able to trust the process and the result.

The right to vote safely transcends politics and partisanship. VoteSafe’s goal was to ensure every American had access to safe and secure voting options in the 2020 election. Safe accessible voting not a partisan issue; it is an American issue.

VoteSafe was co-chaired by former Homeland Security Secretary and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Campaign Impact 

  • 10 million+ people reached through informative videos
  • $2 million raised from Americans wanting to protect safe elections
  • 300+ national and local media hits
  • 181 elections officials and coalition partners endorsing VoteSafe

VoteSafe reassured the entire nation that the election is safe and secure. Our co-chairs appeared in more than 100 media stories about the importance of safe, in-person polling sites and access to absentee ballots.

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We made sure the conversation about mail-in voting focused on facts and included a bipartisan perspective, and we shared firsthand experience from elections administrations to counter misinformation about voter fraud.

Prominent publications featured VoteSafe during the campaign season, reaching millions of Americans.

US News and World Report       USA Today
NBC News Washington Examiner
Philadelphia Inquirer National Journal
MSNBC Roll Call
New York Times The Hill
Fox News Bloomberg
Real Clear Politics Washington Post
NPR Daily Wire
Wall Street Journal The Atlantic
ABC News Daily News

VoteSafe produced 10 compelling videos that reached more than 10 million Americans. Our videos featured elections administrators, poll workers, and everyday Americans to help voters understand the facts about safe voting through the most trustworthy messengers in America: the people who run our elections. Our ad Guardians of Democracy was named the New York Times Ad of the Week:

...rather than turn to celebrities or lawmakers to defend the system, VoteSafe’s use of the trusted and familiar image of local elections workers could help the ads land among an increasingly skeptical public.

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VoteSafe built coalitions in swing states to ensure safe voting options were protected. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – some of the most critical battleground states – saw a flurry of policy changes and lawsuits affecting their voting procedures. VoteSafe’s state coalitions were able to reach voters and deliver the information they needed to safely and securely cast their ballot.

VoteSafe used celebrity power for a unique virtual gala to educate the public and fund the campaign. The “United to Save the Vote” gala brought together thousands of citizens and stars to commit to protecting the election, combat disinformation about mail-in voting, and encourage Americans to exercise their right to vote. The virtual event raised more than $2 million in support of safe voting options.

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By getting the word out through trusted chairpeople and elections administrators, VoteSafe boosted confidence in this election and encouraged most states to expand safe voting options during the pandemic.

Ensuring safe and secure voting options for all Americans is just part of the work we do at RepresentUs. The anti-corruption movement is growing stronger every year because conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between are coming together to demand we fix our broken political system. We are already fighting for the next opportunities to fix America's broken political system, and with your help we can win.  Sign up below to join the fight today.