Unbreaking America is chock full of nonpartisan analysis, factual statistics, and unbiased news sources. We're sourcing all the facts in the video below, based on when they occur in the film. 

0:48: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the least popular presidential candidates since public favorability ratings began - “Scalometer” unfavorable ratings, Gallup, Nov. 2-5, 2016

0:52: Only 4% have a great deal of confidence in Congress - “Congress and the Public,” Gallup, Sep. 4-12, 2018

0:57: America is no longer considered a full Democracy - “The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2018,” The Economist, 2018

1:29: Princeton Study: How Public opinion influences the laws that Congress does—or doesn't—pass - “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens”, Princeton Study, 2014

2:48: Congress spends 70% of their time fundraising for re-election - “More Money Can Beat Big Money”, The New York Times, Nov. 16, 2011

2:57: Politicians have to raise 45k every single day to be re-elected - "Florida Senate 2018 Race," data compiled by Center for Responsive Politics, 2018 / “Most Expensive Races”, Based on data released by the FEC on 01/15/19 / “These are the most expensive House and Senate races this year,” Vice Money, Nov 6, 2018

3:09: Only .05% of Americans give more than 10k to politics - “More Money Can Beat Big Money”, The New York Times, Nov. 16, 2011: In an Atlantic article from 2012, Lessig finds this figure to be .01% giving more than 10k, and .05% giving the maximum allowable contribution to any one congressional campaign. 

3:24: Lobbyists writing laws and donating to politicians that pass them - “When Lobbyists Literally Write The Bill”, NPR, Nov 11, 2013

3:36: Nearly half of American voters (42% pie chart) are now registered independents - "Gallup Historical Trends: Party Affiliation." Gallup, Feb 2018

3:45: Gerrymandering—politicians drawing the boundaries of their own voting districts designed to prevent competition - The Supreme Court Takes on Partisan Gerrymandering Again, March 27, 2018

3:52: Only 14% of house campaigns are competitive, 86% are not - "Monopoly Politics 2018: Noncompetitive Elections, Advantaged Incumbents, Partizan Skew,"FairVote, Oct 18, 2017

4:30: Wasting trillions $ on fraud and abuse in the government - U.S. Government Wastes $1 Trillion Every Year, The Washington Times, Feb 16, 2015

4:35: ⅕ US children live in poverty - "Report: Rural Poverty in America Is 'An Emergency,'" NPR, May 31, 2018

4:37: Healthcare is the most expensive in the world - “The U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other country — but not with better health outcomes,” Los Angeles Times, July 18, 2017

4:40: More people in prison per capita than Russian and China - "America Still Locks Up More People Than Anywhere Else in the World," CNN, July 10, 2018

4:43: Losing jobs to the rest of the world - "Millions of US Jobs Lost to China, Study Shows," Daily Caller, Feb 1, 2017

4:45: Not doing enough to keep our air/water clean - “Here’s How Many People Die from Pollution Around the World”, TIME, Oct 19, 2017

5:35: All scholars said we could pass a law to stop bribery/fix elections - American Anti-Corruption Act

5:43 - 6:20: List of policies - American Anti-Corruption Act

6:40: 87% of Americans support making the American Anti-Corruption Act the Law (91% Dems/83% Reps, 9/10 Americans) - National Voter Survey, MFour Mobile Research/United Republic, Nov 12-17, 2013

7:25: The US Constitution gives states sole control of how state & fed elections are run - US Constitution, Article I Legislative Branch, Section 4

7:52: Bloomberg News Study: Passing state laws leads to federal victory - “This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind”, Bloomberg, June 26, 2015

7:59: Tipping Point: Women’s suffrage federal passage timeline - see above

8:12: Tipping Point: Interracial marriage federal passage timeline - see above

8:20: Tipping Point: Marriage Equality federal passage timeline - see above

8:45: A key event—often a court decision or a grassroots campaign reaching maturity—triggers a rush of state activity that ultimately leads to a change in federal law - see above

9:25: Right-Left-Middle: Political identification pie chart - “U.S. Conservatives Outnumber Liberals by Narrowing Margin,” Gallup, Jan 3, 2017

10:45: 85 wins - at the time of filming, the movement had 85 wins—but that number is always going up. Check out our Our Wins Page to see the latest number and learn more about each one.

11:30: 100% of Common Wealth donations go straight to the field - Join the Common Wealth

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