Tell Trump: No Lobbyists In Your Administration

Donald Trump has made repeated promises to the American public that he will “Drain The Swamp” of corporate lobbyists and special interests in Washington. But now that he's been elected, he's announced lobbyists and big business as his top picks to run government agencies.

So far he's named a former oil lobbyist to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, and he's courting JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, for Treasury Secretary.

Trump made corruption a cornerstone of his campaign. He promised voters he'd clean up Washington – now's his chance to follow through.

Trump's team has already responded to public demand and removed lobbyists from his transition team. If enough of us speak up right now and call out the contradiction between Trump's appointments and his plan to Drain the Swamp, we can influence his choices for key positions.

Sign the petition now to tell Trump that you don't want corporate lobbyists in charge of our government.