The For the People Act has moved to the U.S. Senate where we need to do everything we can to push our lawmakers to vote YES.

But don't take our word for it: Watch below as Amy Schumer explains in less two minutes why the For the People Act is so important and why we have to pass it right now. (Like right now)

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This sweeping bill would: 

  • Stop billionaires from buying our elections
  • Strengthen election security and secure our voting rights
  • Stop politicians from gerrymandering our congressional districts 
  • Crack down on self-serving politicians who write laws to benefit themselves financially 
  • End secret donations to politicians and Super PACs.  
  • Restrict lobbyists from fundraising for politicians 
  • Dramatically decrease politicians’ dependence on special interest money
  • ….and much, much more

Now is the time to take action. This isn’t about left vs. right ⁠— it’s about common-sense reform to unrig our system and put power back into the hands of the American people.

We can’t let this moment pass us by. Send a message to your Senator demanding they vote YES on the For the People Act right now. 

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