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Are you going to spend your First 100 Days watching the government make promises to "Drain the Swamp?"

Even while they carry on with massive ethics conflicts, political corruption, and big money in charge of everything?

Or are you going to help drain it?

Represent.Us is launching 100 Days to Drain the Swamp - a bold campaign to build enough grassroots power to pass Anti-Corruption Acts in 4-8 states by 2018. But we’ll only succeed if people across the country join us. That means we need you. Add your name here to join the 100 Days campaign and fight corruption.

Here's the strategy:

Last year, Represent.Us members passed America's first statewide Anti-Corruption Act in South Dakota. Now we're going to multiply that success and pass Anti-Corruption Acts in 4-8 states in 2018. Congress won't fix corruption. We will.

Political experts and Represent.Us chapters across the country worked together to identify 12 target states where we could win in 2018. These states offer our best hope for sweeping anti-corruption reform in the next 2 years. The 4-8 states that build the most power are the ones where we’ll go.

Enter 100 Days to Drain the Swamp:

Starting today, we'll share weekly actions you and your networks can take to build the movement in target states. Important note: We won't send you any actions that aren't meaningful. We'll only ask you to share, sign, or call if it helps pass Anti-Corruption Acts in 4-8 states by 2018.

Today is Day 1.

We're asking you to dedicate your first 100 Days to the fight against corruption. This is the first step to building power: We need to know how many people we can count on to push the anti-corruption movement forward. Please add your name, and share the campaign with your networks so they know there's something they can do to fight corruption.