By Ross Sherman, Jasmine Smith, and Kaitlyn DeLuise
November 8, 2022

We know that all the election results won’t be in on Election Night 2022. Similar to 2020, states that have a lot of mail-in ballots take more time to count votes – and that’s ok. We should all want every vote to be counted and every eligible voters’ voice heard.

We promise: there’s no point in refreshing Twitter or your favorite news outlet.

Let election workers do their job. Be patient. Take a deep breath. And try some or all of these 10 things to keep your mind occupied until trusted election officials count and confirm the votes.

  1. Watch a Netflix series or movie (some recs: From Scratch, Grace & Frankie, The Good Place, Mr. & Mrs. Smith)
  2. Read a book (Colleen Hoover fans anyone?)
  3. Take a walk (check out AllTrails, or just do a loop around your house)
  4. Listen to new music (cue: You Won’t Break My Soul by Beyoncé)
  5. Do a puzzle (we love Sudoku and Wordle)
  6. Buy a plant at your local plant shop (ideally something you won’t kill immediately)
  7. Try a new recipe (soup season is finally here!)
  8. Learn a new skill (juggling is a classic, or the latest TikTok dance)
  9. Drink some water (or wine 🍷!)
  10. Meditate (here’s some Lo-Fi music to listen to!)

Seriously, stop looking at Twitter.

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