RepresentUs is building a powerful anti-corruption movement to save our democracy before it’s too late. We bring together progressives, conservatives, and independents to fight for the health of our political system, in cities and states across America.

Our team is already hard at work fighting for common-sense reform to spread ranked choice voting, stop authoritarianism, and reduce the influence of billionaires and special interests in Congress.

Will you fuel the pro-democracy movement right now? Here's how your donation could help:

  • $15 will reach 1,500 people, asking them to take online action for our democracy
  • $50 will pay for volunteers to text 5,000 voters and mobilize them into this fight 
  • $75 will help release viral media campaigns that reach millions of Americans 
  • $100 will train and activate 10 more super volunteers to lead the fight against corruption
  • $250 will help fuel ballot measure campaigns to strengthen democracy in states across America

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