The House of Representatives announced that one of its first major pieces of legislation will be HR1, the For the People Act. This is a huge deal ⁠— the For the People Act represents the most comprehensive anti-corruption reform we’ve seen in a generation. Enter your information below and we'll generate a custom script for your call. 

This sweeping bill would:

  • Dramatically increase election security and voter participation
  • End gerrymandering in Congress
  • Strengthen ethics and financial conflict of interest laws for the President, Congress, and Supreme Court
  • End secret donations to politics and rein in Super PACs
  • Dramatically decrease politicians’ dependence on special interest lobbyist money
  • Close lobbyist loopholes, and much more

Now is the time to take action. This isn’t about left vs. right ⁠— it’s about seismic reform to unrig our broken political system and end corruption.

We can’t let this moment pass us by. If Congress knows that their constituents overwhelmingly support the For the People Act, they’ll be forced to pass it. Make a call to your representative now urging them to YES on the For the People Act when it comes to the floor.

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