This questionnaire focuses on campaigns RepresentUs is leading to save democracy, and getting to know you better. Will you take a few minutes to respond so we can improve our efforts?

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    These first few questions are about our major campaign focuses for 2022. Please answer as honestly as possible.

    Have you heard of ranked choice voting?


    Ranked choice voting (RCV) is an electoral system where voters rank candidates from favorite to least favorite on the ballot. If your top candidate does not win, your vote still counts toward your second preference.

    If no candidate receives more than 50% of the first-preference votes, the candidate with the lowest number of first-choice votes is eliminated. The voters who chose that candidate as their first choice will have their second-choice votes counted instead. This process, which is called instant runoff, continues until there is a majority winner.

    Would you prefer RCV over our traditional system of everyone voting for one candidate?

    Yes, I would prefer RCV.
    No, I would prefer standard voting.
    I’m not sure.

    Which aspect of RCV is the most appealing to you?

    <b>Less negative campaigns:</b> Cities with RCV have reported more civil campaigning and greater voter satisfaction with elections.
    <b>Breaking up the two-party duopoly:</b> RCV gives independents and third parties a standing chance, making election outcomes much more representative of the voters.
    <b>No “lesser of two evils":</b> With RCV, you can honestly rank candidates in order of choice, rather than worrying about who is more or less likely to win.
    <b>No more expensive, multi-day elections:</b> Ranked choice voting saves money by replacing primaries and costly, taxpayer-funded runoff elections.
    RCV does not appeal to me.

    What actions would you be willing to take to make sure that RCV is passed in more cities and states? Select any that interest you.

    Call or text voters
    Sign a petition
    Write a letter to the editor in my local newspaper
    Call my elected representatives
    Host an in-person event (such as a mock RCV election)
    None of the above

    Recently NPR reported that 1 in 5 election workers plan to quit their job before the 2024 election because of the daily harassment they have faced since the spread of misinformation about the 2020 election.

    Did you know that nonpartisan election workers have been bullied intensely since the last election?

    I’m unsure.

    One election official in Wisconsin reported receiving countless threats via email and phone calls from radical conspiracy theorists, including this voicemail:

    “You rigged my ******* election, you **** piece of ****. We’re going to try you and we’re going to ****** convict your piece of **** ***, and we’re gonna hang you.”

    Are you concerned about the harassment that nonpartisan election officials are facing?

    I’m unsure.

    CBS News’ 60 Minutes recently reported that many activists who believe the 2020 election was rigged are now running for positions to control elections.

    Are you concerned that the same people who are currently bullying nonpartisan election officials into resigning could take their power?

    I’m unsure.

    What actions would you be willing to take to defend honest election workers? Select any that interest you.

    Call or text voters
    Call elected officials
    Sign a petition or card
    Write a letter to the editor in my local newspaper
    Host an in-person event
    None of the above

    Have you ever taken any political actions or volunteered before, including signing petitions, making phone calls, or sending texts? Select all that apply.

    Yes, I have volunteered and/or taken actions with RepresentUs!
    Yes, I have volunteered and/or taken action with a different organization.
    No, I have never volunteered or taken action with a political group.
    I’m unsure.

    Have you ever donated to a political cause? Select all that apply.

    Yes, I have donated to RepresentUs!
    Yes, I have donated to other political groups and campaigns.
    No, I have never donated to a political cause.
    I’m unsure.

    Where do you get your news? Select all that apply.

    TV: Fox News
    TV: CNN
    TV: Other
    NPR Radio
    AM Radio
    FM Radio
    Newspapers: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc
    Local newspaper

    What is your political affiliation?

    Independent / Not affiliated

    How would you describe your political views?

    Very Conservative
    Very Progressive

    Which of the following issues do you care the most about? (Select up to 3):

    Spreading ranked choice voting
    Protecting election officials from harassment
    Limiting big money in politics
    Fighting voter suppression
    Ending gerrymandering
    Expanding vote-by-mail
    Changing the way elections are funded
    Enacting automatic voter registration
    Closing the lobbyist/public servant revolving door
    Banning dark money

    How did you first hear about RepresentUs?

    Social Media
    A news story
    An online search
    A volunteer
    A friend
    A video
    An email
    I’m not sure

    Demographic Questions

    We are collecting the following demographic information about the RepresentUs membership to better understand who is in our movement. Please share as much as you're willing to help us build a more inclusive movement.

    What gender do you identify as? Choose all that apply

    Prefer not to say

    What is your age?

    Under 18 years old
    18 - 24 years old
    25 - 34 years old
    35 - 44 years old
    45 - 54 years old
    55 - 64 years old
    65 - 74 years old
    75+ years old
    Prefer not to say

    Please specify your race/ethnicity. Select all that apply.

    Black/African American
    Native American/Indigenous
    Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
    Prefer not to say

    What is the highest degree or level of education you have completed?

    Some High School
    High School
    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree
    Ph.D., J.D., M.D., or Terminal Degree
    Trade School
    Prefer not to say

    What is your annual household income?

    Less than $25,000
    $25,000 - $50,000
    $50,000 - $100,000
    $100,000 - $200,000
    More than $200,000
    Prefer not to say

    What is your current employment status?

    Employed Full-Time
    Employed Part-Time
    Prefer not to say

    Do you consider yourself to be:

    Heterosexual or straight
    Gay or lesbian
    Prefer not to say