Politicians have been spreading lies about voting security, attempting to throw away millions of legitimate ballots by claiming there is widespread voter fraud. There isn't. 

Our voting systems are so secure, we enlisted this FBI agent* to walk you through just how tough it is to commit voter fraud. 

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This video is satirical, but the message is real: Widespread voter fraud just doesn't happen, in person or by mail, because we have strong security systems that make it hard to do, and catch anyone who tries.

Oregon, for example, has sent more than 100 million mail-in ballots since 2000, with only a dozen cases of fraud. That's 0.0000001% of all votes cast. As one expert put it, “It is still more likely for an American to be struck by lightning than to commit mail voting fraud.”

With politicians attempting to cast doubt on mail-in voting, it's critical that we set the record straight.

Here’s how secure vote by mail states like Colorado and Utah protect their voters and election systems:

  • Every ballot is a paper ballot, making all votes physical and traceable.
  • Only registered voters are mailed a ballot.
  • Signatures are cross-referenced with voter registrations to ensure accuracy.
  • Ballots with missing or invalid signatures are rejected, and the election official will attempt to contact the voter to allow them to confirm their identity to count their ballot.
  • Officials regularly conduct post-election audits to ensure integrity, security, and an accurate count. 

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* Not a real FBI agent. 

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